Remember, the accuracy of your temperature measurement system relies heavily on the quality of the components you use. To insure the quality of your process or product, don't compromise the standards of the elements of your temperature measurement system.

Leico Industries, Inc. offers an excellent line of Thermocouples, Connectors, related hardware and RTDs

  • Thermocouple Probes & Assemblies
  • RTD Probes & Assemblies
  • High Temperature Cement
  • Connectors, Connector Systems & Panels
  • Bare, Enameled and Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wires
  • High Temperature & Cryogenic Thermocouple Wires
  • Miniature Connectors & Accessories
  • Standard Connectors & Accessories
  • High Temperature Connectors & Accessories
  • Quick-Disconnect Connectors
  • Heavy Duty & Ceramic Connectors
  • Panel Jacks and Jack Panels
  • Metal Sheathed Wires
  • Bare WIres
  • PTFE Insulated Wires
  • Enamel Insulated Wires
  • High Temperature Flexil
  • Insulated Wires
  • Extension Wires
  • Multipair Extension Wires
  • Ceramic Insulated Wires


Leico Industries, Inc. features a wide selection of RTD's produced by Thermal Developments International, LTD.These wire-wound Platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors are hand-assembled and manufactured to the highest international standards and accuracy. They have a temperature range of -220 to 800°C+ and tolerances from 0.1 to 0.01%. The construction chosen gives the best combination of ruggedness and stability of any of the industrially available Platinum RTDs.